Tips for Using Bulleted Lists

Good writing isn’t always about sophisticated, lengthy narratives. There’s no need to showcase your ability to use a thesaurus. Sure, making every word count and mean something to help the piece is important; but more often than not; short & sweet lists and graphical elements are beneficial. 

Where to write from when crafting your bio

Having a strong and professional bio is integral to representing yourself online; which means it’s absolutely essential in todays networking and hiring climate. A firm handshake, confident and personable interview, along with a brief summary on the top of your resume used to go a long way… and it still does. However, social media platforms— specifically About.Me & LinkedIn, introduce a couple of variables and further steps between yourself and the big meeting. 

Fiverr® : My Experience as a New Seller

I first joined Fiverr® February of 2015 on a whim — I saw an attractive promoted advert on Facebook, or Twitter, and thought I’d check it out. I had recently graduated from University and started my first job out of school. At this point the most regular occurance of income that could be described as “freelance” was my role as an instructor for private music lessons. I didn’t seeit as freelancing, but rather an organic extension of the forward momentum I’ve created as a musician. I’ve always supplemented my performance and practice with private lessons as a student, studied under a lot of phenomenal musicians as an apprentice, and then started teaching lessons of my own.

Work and Effort

Work and Effort have a unique relationship. All too often, it seems that workis going on without effort…

Since producing work without effort has become the norm, we have learned to expect that effort costs more. I wholeheartedly disagree. For me, effortisn’t “going above and beyond”, it’s simply doing the task that was agreed upon or expected of you — it’s not an extra fee, an add-on service, or what you get if you leave a large tip. Effort simply means you give a shit; about yourself, about your service, and about your legacy. The most important factor in work isn’t what you’re actually doing, the payment you’re receiving, or the difficulty of your day. What matters most is your environment.

The Less Depressing To-Do List

To-Do lists are great, and I’ve been writing them almost daily on a steno pad I keep at my desk while working, or in my bag on the go, and then at my desk at home. I’m always using them to jot down ideas as they come, so I don’t forget them — or organizing my thoughts on what I need to do when I get home, or for the weekend… as a kind of catch all for my home life, my freelancing work, what we’re doing with the blog, messages I have to send my clients, messages I have to send some of the professionals I work with, and new projects I want to start.

What Small Business Owners Do Wrong

If you’re a small business owner, or someone who helps them do what they do — serious kudos. It takes tremendous effort to take the risk and get that sort of thing off the ground. If your operation has been around for years, or decades, and you’re the talk of the town; even better! You’ve got some great hustle and you’re doing something very, very, very right.

Deploy Your Strengths & Outsource Your Weaknesses.